Hare Srinivasa,

I am Ranjani Pranesh, I live in Australia.Since my childhood I’ve been passionate about cooking. Wherever I have lived, I made it a point to learn local recipes, I’ve lived in north Karnataka, and then moved to Hyderabad after my marriage. My cooking today has strong Andhra influence too. I am a strict vegetarian (Hindu vegetarian no egg, no sea food or any other meat). I had my first cooking lessons from my mother and then from my Aunt and Grand mother. I carry my hand written recipe book whenever I travel, people would get a  copy of the book and would urge me to publish recipes on the internet. I am not a computer savvy person, but my eagerness to share good Indian vegetarian cooking ( mostly Karnataka and Andhra) has prompted me to spend hours in front of computer in getting this across to you.

I practice Yoga and have taught Yoga to small group of friends wherever I lived. I have lived 15 years in Hyderabad, 5 years in Bahrain and 2 years in New York(upstate),USA. I have strong religious beliefs and I practice what has been taught to me by my parents.

Please try out dishes you read in my blog, if you want to share a different method, please share on the blog.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
God Bless you,

Ranjani Pranesh

29 Responses to About

  1. Pranav Datar says:

    Very nice!! Proud to see my mother’s blog!! Share loads of recipes, I’ll help manage, it can be a great cooking resource!!

    • Nagendra Dharwar says:

      You know , I just watched your mom do a
      T V presentation in Doora Dharshana / Chandana ,today and I just loved it

  2. Sharath says:

    Hi Bhabhi,
    Very good move.. Keep it up.. we will participate actively in your efforts!!

  3. Rama says:

    Hi Ranjani chala bagundi mee idea

  4. Uma says:

    Hi Ranju
    Good start. Good luck!!!!

    Uma aunty

  5. Rekha says:

    This is awesome! I am so happy you are blogging and the dishes look so good and I am defeintely going to try some of the recipes 🙂

  6. Sowmya says:

    Hello Ranjini, This is awesome. The recipes look so good and tasty. Will definitely try them. Good luck and keep the recipes coming.

  7. Dharani says:

    Wonderful to see your blog!! Great idea to share them. Good luck!!

  8. Lakshmi says:

    Hi Ranjani,
    Great to see your blog and can’t wait to try those recipes.

  9. Shruti says:

    Very nice blog Ranjani :). Will definitely try out the recipes.

  10. Arthi says:

    Fantastic blog Akka. Keep the recipes coming 🙂

  11. Champa says:

    Nice blog Ranjani. Look forward to your variety of dosa recipes.

  12. Annapurna.hyd says:

    Happy to see your blog.!! Good idea!

  13. keertida kolar says:

    Hi Ranju congratulations. A very good try. I am very happy for you. keep up the good work.

  14. veena says:

    hi bhabi nice blog very happy for u let d receipes pour in ……………

  15. chandrika girimaji says:

    Hi Ranju I am very happy to see your blog.
    best of luck for your great work

  16. bhimsen kurukundi says:

    dear ranju
    its your Bhimu bhaiyya., I am a huge fan of vegetarian oota although living in this country for 17 years. My taste bud has never changed for. authentic vegetarian recipe of madhwa brand.I always believe good food is the source of great motivation in life. Deepa has also liked yopur presentation. Keep up the good work of introducing new recipes to the indian community down under. God bless you


  17. shashi says:

    hai, ranjani happy to see your blog

  18. Aadit says:

    athe,can’t wait to try the the dosas.I’ve not made them but still.

  19. Sadhana Bahubli says:

    good luck……

  20. Eshwari Ramesh. says:

    Eshwari Ramesh says:
    I am very proud to see your blog and reciepes look good and I will to do. Good Luck & Keep it up.

  21. parimala hansoge says:

    Very creative and intersting to see such a blog!! great going !!

  22. Dr CVAnand says:

    Ma’am, it is indeed a pleasure to read your achievements. Not many of us who still live in india are interested in keeping up the culture. Kolakatte recipe is simple and mouth-watering. Thanks.

  23. Bhimsen kurukundi says:

    hope you are going well with your cooking. happy cooking and writing.

  24. vasu says:

    Hi Ranjani,
    We wish you and Pranesh a very happy 25th wedding anniversary. May God bless you both with lots of happiness and good health for many anniversaries to come.

  25. Srikanth Mohan says:

    I have seen your recipes and tried them too. Very good. I am a foodie & I do help my wife in the kitchen. I too am a South Indian vegetarian (Kannada Smartha Brahmin).

  26. Eshwari.Ramesh says:

    Hi, ranjani how r u. I saw new recipes it is good to see I will try it.I left my job.My daughter is going to job she finished her graduation. I am fine and doing well. What is u r son doing. Pls be in touch with mail or phone. Take care and wishes to all of u.

  27. datashok says:

    All recipes of Ranjini are very simple to make,very tasty to eat &healthy to all health conscious people &pure vegitarian
    Your blog is very useful to all vegetarians like me.please continue to post often👍👍💐🙏

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